Integrated Development Environment

Developing OpenSees model based on TCL language.

Manage all of your scripts and codes just in one place.

Define your OpenSees project, add your tcl scripts and CypressEditor will take care about your solution.

a better editor to code for OpenSees :)

CypressEditor is a free modern IDE to develope OpenSees models, using TCL language. It provides many super easy-to-use features and makes coding OpenSees model easier.

Code like a boss

By using CypressEditor, you'll have an intelliSense IDE that helps you write your codes faster and easier. Every command has a smart built-in tooltip which leads you to more, fast and quicker tips about it. Although you can use Command Explorer pane and drag-n-drop OpenSees commands. As well, it's possible to use built-in command help, consisting a hyper link, pointed to the selected command's original web page wiki.

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Some Features

Everything you need in single app

IntelliSense code editor
Different code experience by using CypressEditor's intelliSense
Advanced output console
A built-in real time console helps you investigate results as soon as they arrive.
Material definition
Defining materials in OpenSees is too easy. You could use defined materials in every project
Code snippet
Once define your code snippets and use them in every project
Command explorer
Find OpenSees commands easily, use them in your project by drag-n-drop
Custom code template
Define your custom templates and use them in every project
Command explorer
Drag-n-drop any command to your project.
Real time asynchronous console
Analysis results will be displayed in CypressEditor console, just in real time.
Project converter
Convert old projects to CypressEditor solution easily.
Result viewer
No need to use external programs to view output results. CypressEditor already has a result viewer.

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How it works

Download and install CypressEditor on your Windows machine, just by a single click.
Create your new solution or convert an old one. Add new scripts and code.
Build and run your solution and get result via built-in console.
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CypressEditor 2017.2
Sunday, June 11, 2017 [Beta]

CypressEditor 2017.2, build 6371 (Any CPU). You may need the OpenSees installed on your system
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